The Pure Aero brings a significant enhancement to the previous generation of Aero racquets. The name - Pure Aero - along with the new design and technologies reflect a total renewal of Babolat’s global best-selling racquet.

Equipped with the same technologies as the Pure Aero, the Pure Aero Lite is perfectly suited to junior players switching over to an adult racquet or intermediate-level adult players looking for lightness, maneuverability and spin.

Demands of the modern game require players to be more aggressive; find sharper angles; hit more powerful shots, while keeping the ball in play. Babolat’s new Pure Aero is the innovation that will allow players to take advantage of the topspin this racquet offers, and grab an edge over their opponents.

- Free Babolat RPM Blast String


FSI Spin Technology (Frame and String Integration)
A more open string pattern with a redefined sweet spot and new oblong grommets at 6 and 12 o'clock allow for more string movement to generate maximum spin.

Aero Modular2
The second generation of Babolat's Aero Modular technology. Features a frame with varying profiles at the throat, shaft and the head of the racquet, each of which are strategically shaped to reduce wind drag and boost swing speed. With the Woofer system built inside the mid-section of the new frame, the racket is even more aerodynamic (+11%) and offers greater racket head speed.

Woofer System
The first and most effective frame-string link system: a longer ball/string contact time for greater control and a sensation of comfort. In a standard tennis racquet, the frame is more or less static, and the strings are the main providers of power. Traditional grommet systems only allow some of the strings to actively participate in propelling the ball, meaning that the racquet does not work at its full potential. Babolat set out to design a racquet optimizing the frame and the strings - allowing all the strings to work together to their full potential when striking the ball.

Cortex Technology
Numerous vibrations are generated every time a player strikes a ball. Some of these are “good” vibrations, giving you valuable feedback as to the quality of your shot. Others, however, are not, and may contribute to arm problems and other injuries.

With the Cortex Technology, Babolat has designed a system to remove unwanted vibrations while allowing world-class communication to the player. A CDS (Cortex Dampening System) interface transmits useful information to the player and the handle design brings that information closer to the player's hand for perfect control on every hit.

Graphite Tungsten Technology
GT technology combines high density carbon fibers, giving the racquet head optimum strength for greater power and control. GT construction provides excellent stability at ball impact. The additional rigidity provided by this technology allows for more power and precision, making it perfect for modern ball strikers!

Babolat Pure Aero Lite Tennis Racquet

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