Graphene Touch


If you want to play like Novak one day, go for the Head Graphene Touch Speed Jr. 26 tennis racquet. Lighter and shorter than the grown-up Speed series for easier handling and better maneuverability, it provides all of the same benefits for optimized speed and control.

Made for the serious up and coming junior player, the Head Graphene Touch Speed Jr. 26 features the innovative Graphene Touch technology which provides an incredible touch and solid feel. With it's 16x19 string pattern for more spin than ever before, the Head Graphene Touch Speed Jr. 26 is your perfect partner on your way up.

Graphene Touch
Once played with a Graphene racquet, you never want to miss the extra swing it gives you with each shot. Now imagine the next stage of this revolutionary technology: Graphene Touch, a new generation of HEAD racquets made of the world’s strongest and lightest material in an even better way to provide you with incredible touch, solid dampened feel and great sound.

HEAD started to re-engineer Graphene, the world's strongest yet lightest material, and added a unique shock-absorbing material to the frame construction. The result is less shock thanks to faster vibration reduction after ball impact an unparalleled touch providing even more wow moments.

Head Graphene Touch Speed Jr. 26 Tennis Racquet (Djokovic)

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