Designed with Nano PCT technology, the Head PCT ATP Master tennis racquet is an ideal all-round racquet for entry-level players. HEAD ATP racquets offer excellent features, top technologies and superior value to players at all levels. Every racquet comes with a matching ATP Pro bag.

Nano Titanium
HEAD uses nano-sized particles to create the titanium nano weave. They go down to the molecular level with a machine. When they are there they take atoms of titanium and the nanotechnology and weave it together. Piece by piece they put this together. This racquet is built atom by atom all the way up. The Nano Titanium contains two technologies:

Air Wing Technology (AWT) - In this technology, Head introduces the aerodynamic frame concept where in cross section of frame is designed to generate minimum air resistance. As air resistance is minimum, thus player will get more racquet swing and eventually faster backhand and forehand shots.

Integrated Frame Dampening (IFD) - Handling vibration is very critical during racquet design. When ball impacts on string bed then based on impact magnitude resultant vibration generates on frame. If generated vibration transfer to players hand then it can cause serious wrist and arm injuries. To overcome this problem, HEAD used IFD technique in Nano Ti racquets. IFD uses rubber layer between the bridge and frame to absorb the vibration caused by ball impact and thus reduces/eliminates the chances of arm injuries.

Plasma Coating Technology (PCT)
The Plasma Coating Technology ensures that the racket is both stronger and generates more power. The smooth fibers created by the plasma coating produce a livelier feeling during play. The original Titanium Fibers have been refined with Plasma, resulting in a smoother surface, creating a stiffer more powerful construction.

Head PCT ATP Master Tennis Racquet + Free Bag

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