Head Master is a synthetic gut string with plenty of feel and power, thanks to the high-tensile strength copolymer center surrounded by a multifilament single wrap.

Head Master is a multifilament string. Those strings are complex. They are a twisted construction with hundreds or even thousands of synthetic micro-filaments. These micro-filaments can be different dimensions, shapes or materials. HEAD uses traditional round filaments and also specially engineered ribbons. The micro-filaments are assembled within a synthetic resin matrix to create a softer impact feeling or more lively touch.

The strings are then coated with a thin layer of thermoplastic material, with special additives that increase wear resistance and ensure perfect realignment after every shot. Multifilament strings are very arm friendly, comfortable and powerful, providing a high level of performance.

Gauge: 16 (1.28 mm)
Lenght: 200 m
Colour: Natural

Head Master String Reel (natural) - 200 m

Our price: 71,00 лв. Common price: 79,00 лв.
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