Head Reflex MLT provides excellent power and touch thanks to its full multifilament construction and to its soft PU resin, together with precise control due to innovative low friction additives in the coating that allow a perfect realignment of the main strings after every shot and a faster snap back effect.

For the player with arm sensitivity, this string deploys an army of 1,300 velvety filaments to create a remarkably plush and low-vibration feel at impact.

Head Reflex MLT is a multifilament string. Those strings are complex. They are a twisted construction with hundreds or even thousands of synthetic micro-filaments. These micro-filaments can be different dimensions, shapes or materials. HEAD uses traditional round filaments and also specially engineered ribbons. The micro-filaments are assembled within a synthetic resin matrix to create a softer impact feeling or more lively touch.

The strings are then coated with a thin layer of thermoplastic material, with special additives that increase wear resistance and ensure perfect realignment after every shot. Multifilament strings are very arm friendly, comfortable and powerful, providing a high level of performance.

Gauge: 17 (1.25 mm)
Lenght: 12 m
Colour: Natural

Head Reflex MLT String (natural)

34,00 лв.
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