Power is nothing without control! Babolat Revenge is a co-polyester monofilament string which guarantees power as well as control. Its exceptional tension holding capacity lets players enjoy incredible performance for longer periods of time.

String Type: Polyester Monofilament
A single filament that can also be wrapped, monofilament string is usually made with PET. Functional additives considerably improve the string’s performance. It is then referred to as a Co-Polyester string. Monofilament strings are the result of complex processes and chemistry, which are adjusted to produce different types of results. Thanks to their unique structure, monofilament strings are the stiffest of all. The main advantages are durability, control and topspin. The perfect choice for competitive players who want a responsive string that won’t break.

Gauge: 16 (1.30 mm)
The gauge affects how the strings behave. A thinner gauge (1.20-1.25 mm) offers greater power, feel and comfort, but less durability. A thicker gauge (1.30-1.35 mm) extends the string’s life span and offers greater durability, but less power and feel.

Length: 12 m
Gauge: 1.30 mm
Colour: Red




Babolat Revenge String (red)

25,00 лв.
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