The Babolat Xcel plays with nice comfort and solid tension holding. Playing characteristics are similar to natural gut. Includes Air Jet Technology, which encases every single fiber (1,152) by an injection process of a new patented material (a reformulation of polyurethane), which injects and releases air as the string moves.

Babolat Xcel is a Profile A string - for players who want power and comfort and rarely break their strings.

String Type: Multifilament
This synthetic string provides the next best thing to natural gut in terms of performance. Multifilament string is made with several hundred synthetic microfibers assembled into a matrix to form the core. The twisted core gives the string more elasticity and flexibility. The central core is then protected by one or several outer wraps. The main characteristics: comfort, power and good tension hold.

Gauge: 17 (1.25 mm)
The gauge affects how the strings behave. A thinner gauge (1.20-1.25 mm) offers greater power, feel and comfort, but less durability. A thicker gauge (1.30-1.35 mm) extends the string’s life span and offers greater durability, but less power and feel.

Length: 12 m
Gauge: 1.25 mm
Colour: Natural




Babolat Xcel String (natural)

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