Take control of every shot, even the powerful topspin ones. The secret of the Head Gravity Hybrid String that sets it apart from the rest of the pack, lies within the unique combination of triangular main strings and round cross strings. Upon contact with the ball, the sharp edged main strings’ distinctive shape allows for maximum bite on the ball, while the round and thin shaped cross strings provide a fast snap back effect. The result: the ball rotates a lot faster so you get more of the winning combination of more spin and full trajectory control at the same time. In other words: Adding maximum spin to your game has never been under more control.

Head Gravity  is a monofilament string. Those strings have a simple construction, as they are extruded as a single filament that is stretched until the desired diameter or dimension is obtained. They are highly engineered products, due to the special Polyester material and the additives which are combined in complex production processes enhancing specific properties.

The elasticity of these strings provides excellent control and spin, and the combination of structure and material guarantees long lasting performance for high level players. The cross section can be engineered in a variety of ways: shaped to increase bite on the ball and spin potential, and coated to maximize wear resistance and improve string movement.

Gauge: 17 (1.25 mm)
Lenght: 12 m
Colour: White


Head Gravity Hybrid String (white)

26,00 лв.
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